My journey into photography began at the young age of 4 while I was helping my father process black and white pictures in the dark room in our apartment. The magic of the process, floating curved photo papers with slowly appearing images intrigued me and felt like the world on its own.

A while later, my father in-trusted me to use one of his cameras under his close supervision. My grandma observed my passion for photography and donated her well-used camera to me. The camera was partially broken and results were often unpredictable but it was my own camera!

That was many years, and cameras ago.  Today I take pictures with professional full frame DSLR but the magic of photography is still with me, it is my form of meditation: when I look through the viewfinder  I forget about all other realities. The process is not about pressing a button, it is about charging my photos with energy, dynamics and the emotion of the scene, when people look at my photos, they not only see but feel the moment that’s been captured.

During photo sessions I ask people to simply live their life in front of my camera, to walk, to play, to enjoy the nature, day dream, hug their loved ones, to have fun and to let me witness moments of their unique life.

You might notice that I am particularly passionate about outdoor photography.  I love nature. I love how it fills the photos with fresh air, spring breeze or smell of autumns first frost. I love when children have space to run and have fun. I love that feeling of freedom and balance that outdoor photos give.

You’ll also notice that photos in my portfolio are very different. Every person, every  couple and family is unique and to capture this  distinctive part of someone’s life pushes me to create outside the box, to explore new locations and techniques. Maternity photo session on a sport bike? Or how about a canoe - wedding ceremony in the middle of the lake during your backcountry trip? Maybe you think that massive  backpack perfectly matches white wedding dress and hiking shoes?  I love it all: from cozy Christmas cookies baking at home to any crazy ideas that are too wild for other photographers. Give me a shot and I will be happy to create a unique photo session with you and for you. 

Would you like to learn what to expect from your experience with Life and Camera? Read it in the “How I work” section.

Truly yours,