Did you have some family unique traditions when you were a child? What are these sweet little moments that you dive back into when you feel sad? Now, when you are not a child anymore, do you keep these traditions alive in your own family?
In winter when it is cold outside, we tend to look for warmth in our hearts and souls. And all family traditions become just so much more appreciated and needed. What is your favorite family activity when there is so much snow outside? Does your entire family go build a snowman or get into snowball fight (hopefully, the only type of fight you ever get into :) ) in a park? Or maybe children get a magic wand and turn mommy into a horse (temporary) to get a sleigh ride? Or maybe you love ski/skate/hockey? The winter is absolutely beautiful and fun but if you don't like cold weather, there is no better time to stay inside, drink hot chocolate/tea and make cookies, draw hearts in flour powder on the table and wait patiently at the oven for cookies to turn golden brown (then sprinkle them with cinnamon and nutmeg ;) ). Whatever it is, capture these moments. They last a lifetime!