Why I don't do Christmas mini sessions anymore? 📷

Simply because I believe in quality over quantity. 🌟
Once I decided to participate in one of those mini sessions (as a customer). The photographer was good but all photos turned out so soulless that I haven't use a single photo from that session for anything. Have not even posted on my FB page. 🙈
One year I thought that I should still try mini sessions format as a photographer. I remembered my own experience and how we were "done" after 15 minutes. So, even though I claimed that photo session would be 15mins, I left 1.5 hour for each family just in case. Well, for 5 out of 6 families the "mini" session did turn out to be 1.5 hours 😄 It is just takes time for people to open up, to feel completely comfortable and to be themselves; for family dynamic to show up and to creates funny moments and to capture them and not those "cheese" smiles. 
So, I see mini sessions as fast food 😆 There is time and situations when that is what people need. And there are places that offer it. I choose to treat my customers as they would be treated in high-end restaurant. It is not better or worse. It is a different experience. That is it. 🎄