What is common between your grade 6 MATH CLASS and PHOTOGRAPHY?

Wait! Don't get scarred by "M" word! πŸ˜†
Do you remember that number line with zero in the middle, negative numbers on your left and positive numbers on your right? πŸ“
That is how our subconscious sees it: left as our past and right as our future. In this photo I positioned Melissa in the future (the place she will lead her clients to) with acknowledgement of the past (her body direction). In this case, the message is "I have succeeded already and I can help you as well". How would the message change if we have mirrored this photo?

You can use this knowledge in your family photos too but remember to play a β€œbalance trick”: πŸ‘Ά place the youngest person in the past (left) and πŸ‘΅ the oldest person in the future (right). Why? Because there is enough energy in babies to make the past feel like the present and placing grandma on the right will β€œcharge” her with a lot of live energy and bring her to your future. Get the idea? πŸ‘

PS I still think about the "chicken and egg" question here: did humans come up with this type of number line because of our subconscious or does our subconscious see it this way because of our prior knowledge about number line and coordinate system? 😏