What is right?

Ok, now we know what was wrong with the previous photo :) Let’s talk about RIGHT things :) As some of you mentioned, you liked that photo and it felt good to you regardless of my criticism :) I was very picky on purpose because I wanted to illustrate what could be done better. Let’s see what made that photo strong.

1.      A lot of natural light. We all know that sunshine makes us feel good. When we see the same color spectrum in the photo, reinforced by light spots on the wall, it give us that feeling of beautiful sunny day and we mentally want to get closer to the person in the photo to experience that warmth.

2.      Direct eye contact and soft smile shows openness to communication, invites us to start a conversation.

3.      White shirt gives a sense of formality. At the same time, unbuttoned collar, rolled up sleeves and blue jeans help to avoid excessive primness. Rolled up sleeves are also a sign of hardworking.

4.      Colors: white – honesty, blue – strength, light grey – balance, logic. Combined together they present us a strong, trustworthy person with calm and logical mind. Who wouldn’t want to work with him?

5.      Brick/stone background gives our subconscious feeling of stability and strong foundation. We can almost physically feel that support we can rely on.

How do you feel about this photo now? Do these points reflect the positive feeling you had originally?