What is WRONG with this photo?

I took this photo some time ago before I learned to pay attention to small details that make a big difference.  From art perspective, there is no wrong or right photo and it all comes down to one question "What are we trying to make people feel when they look at it?".  The model is absolutely handsome and looks fantastic here  This photo would be great for personal social media but I would not use it for business profile. Why? There are three reasons for it:

1. Leaning against the wall is ok in casual photos as it creates impression of easy going person with relaxed attitude.  However, I would not recommend to use this pose in your business photos, especially if you are promoting your leadership skills, as it demonstrate that you cannot stand independently and need extra support.  

2. Hands. Inside. The pockets. I see this mistake in professional photos all the time (ex. realtors, coaches and many others). We communicate with people by speech, eyes eyes, hands and body language  in general. Photos don't have audio in them, hence, your main instruments are eyes and hands. Hiding hands in the pockets is like staring at the floor instead of looking into person's eyes. Crossing arms on your chest is not a good idea either. Your body conveys the message that you want to close from or to put a a barrier between yourself and someone or something you don't like or don't feel comfortable with. Your hands must be visible and relaxed.

3. Keeping hands in tight jeans pockets elevates your arms and shoulders a bit. Elevated shoulders look like you are trying to pull your head inside/towards your torso. That is what turtles do in case of danger and it is called "turtle effect". Try to keep your hands relaxed, shake them, move your shoulders... 

If it doesn't help and you still feel very uncomfortable during your photo session, read my previous post. 

For those who were asking what to do with their hands, use them as they are meant to be used for now  I am thinking about writing another post about this topic soon! Stay tuned. 

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