How many pictures will I get?

Usually, you would get 10-12 retouched, high quality photos from our session. There will be between 50 and 150 photos of party or any other event. There will be about 20-50 labour/birth photos and about 20 photos from proposal. That is something we will discuss during our first meeting.


Can I get more pictures? Can I get ALL pictures from the photo session?

These are very common questions and before answering them I would like to understand why do you feel like you would like more pictures? During photo session I take A LOT of pictures and it is part of my job to select the best photos.

a)      You are concerned that the images I like might not be the ones you like. It is possible. And if I am not sure which photo looks better, I would take both (in this case, you will get extra pictures to the original 10-12 promised). If this answer is not good enough for you, there is another option: we can go through pictures together and you can select pictures you like (extra cost applies). 

b)     You feel that more is better. That is not exactly the case in this situation. A lot of pictures will be very similar in composition. It is important to understand that I stand behind the quality of my work.  I won’t release photos that I am not 100% happy about. Some pictures I wouldn’t use at all, the other ones would need touch ups.

c)      You want enough material to make a photo book.  Very valid point. There are two solutions for it: 

          1 .   We can make a few photo sessions (discount applies) during the year (different seasons, different you) and you will have enough material for the book (I personally prefer this option, especially, if there are small children in the family, you can see them grow so much during the year!)

          2. Let me know ahead of time that you would like more photos and we can add extra location/ theme to our photo session (extra charge apply).


How long is a photo session?

I don’t limit our photo session (except studio where studio hourly rates apply), we will take our time to get photos we will be happy with but here are typical times:

·        Nature, Home, proposal photo sessions usually take about 2 hours.

·        Newborn photo session (with parents) usually takes about 2-3 hours (feed and sleep times included) but if baby is not in the mood, can take longer.

·        Party / event prices are based on 2-4 hours time frame. If your event is much longer, please contact me for more info.