Why do I take pictures? Because shared joy is double joy!

I get very powerful and motivating feeling when I see sparkles in people’s eyes and know that they will smile every time they look at their photos.   I feel it is my responsibility to understand your expectations from the session and to make you feel comfortable. This is how we are going to achieve the best results:

 We meet 

We prepare together

We choose the best time

We take as much time as we need

We change day and time if we need to

We work together

We enjoy beautiful photos

We discover digital / paper options available

We meet

I think you will agree that it is hard to work with a stranger. To avoid anxiety in all of us (especially, children), and to make this experience enjoyable and fun, we are going to meet in person for a coffee/tea (my treat!) and talk about your expectations from the photo shoot, your preferences, discuss clothes, styles, locations, etc. If you can, please bring all people with you who will participate in the photo session. This way I can learn a bit about you and your family and everybody will have a chance to ask me any questions they might have. It is important for me to establish a comfortable relationship between us before we start.

We prepare together

The preparation is the second most important part of a successful photo shoot. I will ask you to go through your wardrobe and we will discuss the outfit you plan to wear. It is wonderful if you can think about it before our meeting and maybe even bring a few pictures (or the actual piece of clothing) with you if you wish. I will help you in any way I can to find the best outfit.

We choose

   the best time

Natural, soft light is the most favorable for most photo sessions. Two – three hours before sunset would give us the best results in outdoor photos.  We can change it to an earlier time if there are clouds in the forecast without harsh sun. However, it is different for the indoor photo session. Since, the light is limited indoors, we are looking for the brightest part of the day to avoid using flash or electric light if possible.

We take as much time as we need

The photo session is NOT time-limited. Yes, you heard it right. We will take as much time as we need. If possible, please don’t plan anything during this day, so, you won’t feel rushed. For the same reason I ask you to arrive on time: This gives us enough time to work with the best light available. It might even be a good idea to arrive early and give yourself some time to walk around and get comfortable with the location.

We change

the day and time

if we need to

To make it comfortable and stress free, I have very flexible cancellation policy. Emergencies do happen, so, if for whatever reason you cannot make it on the day of photo shoot, please notify me as early as possible. We will reschedule your session (availability permitting). I also understand that small children are unpredictable, so, if your kids are really not in the mood during the photoshoot and we together are not able to remedy the situation I might suggest that we meet again (for no extra cost to you). It is up to you at that point if you want to continue or if you decide to try it again on a different day.

We work together

As we work together through the photo session, I will be showing you pictures from the screen of my camera from time to time. I feel it is important to you to see the process, so, you feel comfortable about the result. If you have any questions during this time or need suggestions, feel free to ask!

We enjoy

beautiful photos

I know you are very excited to share your photos with the world and cannot wait 3 weeks that are usually required for post-processing and retouching :) That is why I will share a photo or two with you a few days after our photo shoot. You are welcome to post it on your social media if you wish :) . You will get the rest of your photos within 3 weeks after the session. Let me know if you need them earlier and we can discuss this option.  Read FAQ about *How many photos will I get?* and *Can I get all photos from photo session?*

It is very important for me to know that you are happy with the result so, I ask you to send me a quick message after you receive your photos. If there is something you are not happy with, please make sure you let me know and we can fix it.

We discover digital and paper options

It makes me very happy to know that printed photos from our session became part of your home or your parents/grandparents/ friends home. That is why I keep my prints prices low. We can also make a photo book, or even greeting cards! I can even frame pictures for you! Just let me know what you want and we can make it beautiful.